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Ray Zahab: TEDxOntarioEd Speaker

Winner of some of the world’s most difficult and challenging ultra-distance foot races, Ray Zahab is motivated by challenge, distance and discovery. Late in 1998 Ray made a life changing decision to leave a pack a day smoking habit and very unhealthy life choices behind him. New Years day 2000 he went...

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Satellite Locations

There will be viewing parties around Ontario, Canada, United States, and potentially abroad. Below is a list of locations of the viewing parties. Additional details will be available soon.

Satellite Locations:


United States of America

What is a ‘viewing party’?

A viewing party is where several people get together to watch the live stream of the TEDxOntarioEd event, chat, and bring munchies to share!  These face to face opportunities are meant to build the community of educators!

For more information about hosting a viewing party or additional information about attending a party, email: tedxontarioed@gmail.com