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Kathy Hibbert: TEDxOntarioEd Speaker

Kathy Hibbert is an Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario and developer of ATM Confessions, a financial literacy resource, as well as the Salty Chip, a space for teachers and students to share and build upon their work as they develop their use of multiliteracies. ...

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Satellite Locations

There will be viewing parties around Ontario, Canada, United States, and potentially abroad. Below is a list of locations of the viewing parties. Additional details will be available soon.

Satellite Locations:


United States of America

What is a ‘viewing party’?

A viewing party is where several people get together to watch the live stream of the TEDxOntarioEd event, chat, and bring munchies to share!  These face to face opportunities are meant to build the community of educators!

For more information about hosting a viewing party or additional information about attending a party, email: tedxontarioed@gmail.com