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MindShare Learning Report: Exclusive Sponsor

TEDxOntarioEd is proud to announce that the MindShare Learning Report is the exclusive sponsor of the April 9th, 2010 event.

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Below is a tentative list of speakers for the TEDxOntarioEd event. This is subject to changes and additions as more confirmations are received.

Danika Barker (London Ontario)
Secondary school teacher, education blogger, and former learning coordinator with an interest to bring innovation to secondary english and history classrooms. See her bio here.

Jesse Brown (Toronto, Ontario)
Host and co-producer for Search Engine, an audio and video podcast for TVO, and the co-founder of Bitstrips.com. See his bio here.

Alec Couros (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Professor of Educational Technology and Media, Faculty of Education, University of Regina and an active blogger. See his bio here.

Paul Finkelstein (Stratford, Ontario)
Secondary school culinary arts teacher, FoodTV host, and former professional chef. See his bio here.

Kathy Hibbert (London, Ontario)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario and developer of ATM Confessions, a financial literacy resource, as well as the Salty Chip, a space for teachers and students to share and build upon their work as they develop their use of multiliteracies. See her bio here.

Lee LeFever (Seattle, Washington)
Co-founder and modern ‘explainer’ who teaches technology ‘In Plain English’ at Common Craft. See his bio here.

Tim Long (California)
Writer and Executive Producer for The Simpsons and contributing blogger for VanityFair.com. See his bio here.

Zoe Branigan-Pipe (Hamilton, Ontario)
Elementary school teacher and blogger who advocates using technology in the classroom. See her bio here.

Joey Savoy (Miramichi, New Brunswick)
Technology coordinator and teacher who actively shares his understanding via twitter. See his bio here.

Tim (Petrolia, Ontario)
Grade 11 student and member of Minister of Education’s Student Voice Panel.

Nathan Toft and Jane Smith (Ottawa, Ontario)
Junior division teachers, and co-founders of Portableradio.ca and PortablePD.ca. See their bio here.

Ray Zahab (Chelsea, Quebec)
Winner of numerous international ultra marathons, the subject of a documentary narrated by Matt Damon, TED speaker, and impossible2possible.com. See his bio here.

Our Emcee:

Dan Misener (Toronto, Ontario)
Dan MisenerProducer of Spark, CBC’s national radio show about tech, trends, and fresh ideas. Past contributor to the CBC radio shows: GoDNTO,  and Lost and Found.  Past producer of a bunch of short docs for the CBC’s Content Factory and Radio Syndication.  Some people believe that he is Dan Dupreee.  Blogs at danmisener.com, plays in a rock and roll band called The Canaries, organizes a reading series called Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids , and teaches audio production at Ryerson University.

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